Friday, June 8, 2012

Survival Kit

As I posted earlier in the week, a dear one has breast cancer.  She starts chemo on Monday, June 11.  I know she's scared.  I am too.  But as I was driving up to Northern Va to help her pick out a wig last Friday, I thought of what I would want (in addition to prayers) if facing the same thing.  I love gifts, especially thoughtful gifts.  SO, I thought I'd start working on a Chemo Survival Kit.  I wanted it to be pretty compact, so she could take it to the hospital during her treatments.  I packed it with things such as Mylanta (great for swishing in your mouth when you have mouth sores), eye drops, dry mouth wash, socks for cold treatment rooms, crossword puzzles, a pen, chapstick, Aveeno baby body wash, Aveeno non scented moisturizer, ginger tea (for nausea), gin gins (ginger hard candies for dry mouth and nausea), real Kleenex (hospital tissues are like sandpaper and so thin!), baby shampoo (for sensitive scalp), a water bottle with a label that says, "Fight Like a Girl", M&M's, and trail mix.  Included is a fun book called I'd Rather Do Chemo then Clean Out the Garage.  I think humor heals and thought this would be much appreciated.  I also included some inspiring (at least I thought so!) poems, quotes, and funny sayings.  I want her to know that she is celebrated and so very loved.  I also bought her a cotton pill-box style cap for when she loses her hair and she gets cold--especially while sleeping.  I ordered a beautiful embroidered tote for all these items to go in.  See below.  The lady that made the tote, donated a portion of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and mailed it directly to my loved one.  Talk about great customer service! 

I packed all the items up with lots of love and many prayers.  I do believe God answers prayers and I know He still performs miracles.  I will settle for nothing less. 

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  1. Sorry to hear the news check out I think it could help!