Monday, June 4, 2012


This past weekend, I went up to Northern Virginia.  Someone I love dearly has been diagnosed with breast cancer and we had to find her a wig FAST.  I always envision my Grannie's VERY synthetic wig that was always a bit askew, bubbled up in the back due to a poor fit and looked, a wig.  We did some research and found this great place in Vienna, called Wear Hair For You (get it?  We're here for you...)  Laura Waites, the owner and wig specialist was great to work with.  She specializes in medical hair loss, is a make up artist and an advocate.  She's also a 30+ year wig wearer herself.  The wigs at the shop were not my grannie's wigs!  These were all VERY high quality synthetic, real hair or blended wigs.  They even had features to include a natural hair line.  AMAZING!  We had a wig party and got our groove on!  We celebrated our hair, both real and not, and our love for each other.  If you are EVER in need of a wig, I couldn't imagine anyone or anywhere else that could offer you a better service than Laura.  We had lots of fun and shared LOTS of laughs.  Below are some pictures of us trying on wigs...

 I USED to have long hair like this "Pre-Babies"

 The hair hat.  Every girl needs one when going to a game, or going out to the pool!

 Clearly, I'm a redhead and this color was not flattering at all...but still a lot of fun!

Erin sporting her supermodel pose and rockin' the thick blonde bob.  

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