Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moving Right Along

I got home last night at 6:30, got changed, packed up the kids and hubs and booked it over to see Abby.  She was going to have her 2nd ride!  She has mellowed out so much!  She never was very excitable, but she just takes things in stride.  My little girl is growing up!  *tear*  Mark saddled her having left the lead rope on the ground and she just kind of stood there.  He took her out to the arena, and she acted like it was a typical Wednesday night.  He put a rope halter he had made on her and attached reigns.  Viola!  An instant side pull was created.  He will start her with a bit a little later.  No need to rush!  Besides, I ride Iney and Anna in a bitless bridle. 

 He flexed her on both side and he commented how soft she was and will be on the bit.  He just picked up the reigns and she flexed. 

 He asked her to move forward, and she did so with no trepidation, and a willingness to please.

He then trotted her out.  I think she looks like a little endurance horse in the above picture!  Head high, proud to be doing so well.  She is incredibly flat kneed and throws her legs out in front of her.  To the point that Mark said she feels *almost* gaited.  LOL  He made sure to ask if I had verified her parentage and registration papers.  I don't know if I should be insulted or proud.  :)  Either way, she'll be a smooth ride. 

 He nudged her up into a canter, or lope as westerners call it.  She moved fluidly and gracefully as though she could care less that she had a man on her back.  Her canter will slow with experience and training. 

 Very soft, and he was able to do one reigned stops with her.  He is confident on how well she's doing that he's going to take her out on a trail soon.  I'm very proud of my little girl.  She'll be perfect for our family.  A trusty trail horse and occasional local show horse for me and the kids.  I don't dream any longer of APHA or AQHA shows.  I have lost all interest in showing the big time.  I just want to enjoy my horses and the scenery that is seen going down a trail with a trusted friend. 

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