Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pillowcase Dress/Nightgown

About a month ago, I visited one of my favorite places: The Goodwill!  I bought about 12 pillowcases.  Why?  Because I love re-purposing things!  These mis-matched pillowcases were bought for .25-.50 cents each.  I bought a bunch for my friend, Brandy, as well.  Pyper is the quintessential girly girl.  She loves bows, flowers, purses, and lace.  I have made about 5 pillowcase nightgowns for her.  I made 2 last night in no time at all.  I just used what I had on hand.  I didn't have any ribbon, but I did have some elastic lace that I used in liu of ribbon.  I think this one turned out great.  I love this pattern, because it grows with your girl.  I found this super easy pattern at:

 Of course, I washed the pillowcases first.  But one great thing about old pillowcases is how soft they are!

 Gathered neck lines...comfy sleeping...

I made this one after everyone went to bed last night.  It literally takes 30 minutes to make.  The "ribbon" is some cute fabric scraps I had left over.  Pyper loves it and this morning gushed over the bows.  This makes me happy!

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