Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Felt Fishin'

When the weather is rainy, or it's too hot to play outside, Pyper and her friends love to go fishing.  I bought a wonderful book called, "Creative Play for your toddler."  It's Waldorf inspired and the tutorials are amazing!  If you haven't seen it, check it out at the library, buy it ($10) or if you're near me, I don't mind lending it out!

I made some felt fish, sewed them together, added some poly-fill, buttons for eyes and a metal washer where the mouth is. I went out back and found 3 sticks, braided some yarn (different colors for the 3 different kids), and added a magnet to the each of each pole. I had a piece of blue material that came with the Learning Tower, so I put that down to be the water.

The kids get on "the bridge" (the Learning Tower) and go fishing. It's a great way to encourage hand/eye coordination, color recognition, and counting.  It's a hit at our house!  Even Naki loves to fish!

 I set up the introduction for the kids.

 The swimming fish.

 Their poles (I added hot glue to the yarn on the ends to ensure a secure knot.)

 Heavy duty magnets.  I had to special order these magnets on Amazon, but well worth the cost. 

 The concentrating kids!

First thing in the morning, Pyper goes fishing!

Look at that smile!  Makes my day!

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