Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Devil's in the Details

Shannon told me at 5 PM that his boss is having a going away party tomorrow, and that I needed to make something.  This is not the first time Shannon has forgotten to tell me that I needed to make something, so I was ready!  We made Deviled Eggs from the Dixie Chicks.  Pyper helped, and I was really impressed with her dexterity and cooking skills!

Adding a little something else...
Hannibal thinks so too!

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

In this unusually cold weather, I look back to a few weeks ago (EASTER!) when the sun was out & warm, the wind was cool, and the Dixie Chicks had a grand time being herded by Naki.

They grazed in the pastures with the horses...

Ate bugs and refused to play with Naki

Happy to feel the warmth of the sun on their feathers refusing to pose for pictures.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Raegan's 7 month birthday came and went on the 12th. I was out of town on a business trip to Richmond, but still thought of my little girl that day. It's been a difficult month to say the least. Everyone says each child is different, and it's so very true. Raegan has been unusually fussy this month, and extraordinarily clingy. My friend, Brandy, my sounding board for all things parenting, made me feel a bit better yesterday. She pointed out that the 6-9 month stage is the clingy, "don't get out of my sight!" phase every baby goes through. I really need to read up again on the developmental stages again. Clearly, I have forgotten so much since Pyper was this age, just 2 years ago. Any time Raegan is put down, she screams. Especially at bed time. She wants to be held 24/7, and it's exhausting. I wear her as much as possible, but the lack of sleep is really taking it's toll on all involved. My mom, dad, and sister watched the girls this week while I was out of town. They said they can't do it again. At least not watch them at the same time. Raegan was waking every hour or two at night crying as though her heart would break. Mom couldn't take her eyes off Pyper because Pyper has a tendency to try to murder Raegan when left unattended. Mom and dad asked me time and again how I did it, and questioning my sanity as to how I want more children. This is the typical "after work" routine. She craves being touched, comforted and soothed. I do love attachment parenting, but it's exhausting all the same.

At the park with my Itty Bit.

Easter morning bunny. She and Shannon were the only ones to go to church as Pyper had a stomach bug. Raegan cut her bottom two teeth on March 30th. She's very proud of those two teeth.

Easter morning. The only pic I got before my camera battery died.

Finally successful at back wearing. It's still a work in progress, but I am able to get so much more done around the house and outside now. This particular day, I cleaned up the chicken coop, fed and watered the chickies, loved on the horses and cleaned the house. All while wearing her.

Sleeping (or lack thereof) has been an uphill climb for us as well. Raegan is by far, the laziest baby ever. She can roll over, I have seen her, but she refuses to. Shannon and I both think that if she would just roll over onto her tummy, she would probably sleep better. She can also hold her own bottle, but doesn't. She will instead scream until you give in and hold it for her, and then instantly latches on and drains it. While feeding, she loves to reach her little arm up and pull your hair. She's sitting up now, too, and liked to sit on the floor and play with toys until about 2 weeks ago. Now, she just wants to be held or worn. Oh, well. I try to keep telling myself that one day I will miss holding her little body and feeling her soft breathing as she falls asleep in my arms.

I was given a quote and tell anyone that will listen:

This year wherever possible I will announce in word & deed, "Hey! My children aren't burdens. In my eyes they are weightless."

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Good Friday...

Typically, when you think of Easter, you think of the Easter bunny, baby chicks, lots of candy filled plastic eggs, the annoying colored shredded plastic filling in the bottom of the baskets and dressing your kids up in cute dresses or suits for church. At our house, we want to focus more on the real meaning of Easter. It's always amazed me how the Friday before Easter Sunday is called Good Friday. In fact, I find it rather sad. The day that represents when Jesus was crucified on the cross for claiming to be the Son of God. His death was horrific. My dad would sit us down at Easter when we were older and open the Bible and describe the gruesome death of Christ. He didn't do it to be morbid, but to show us the love He had for us to die that way. At any given moment, He could have come off that cross and left us unforgiven. But, that was not the true nature of my Lord. I guess how he unselfishly died for all of us so that we may be with Him and His father in Heaven is rather...well, GOOD. So, I suppose I'm ok with calling this day Good Friday.
I think about all the things I mentioned above when Easter comes to mind, too, though. I just try not to focus on it. I did however, buy 9 more chicks. I had a lady that was supposed to go in with me to buy them and then she backed out. Go figure. 8 of them are straight run Americaunas. Or Easter Eggers. They lay blue and green eggs, and thought that would make my egg basket even prettier than it already is. I also got one white leghorn chick. Like Foghorn from the Looney Tunes cartoons. I just hope I got SOME hens and not all roos!
Pyper was very good about holding them with loving hands.
She loves animals. I wonder where she gets it from???
Chicky kisses...
And sweet Easter Bunnies. Have a wonderful and BLESSED Easter. We will! My mom and dad are coming in and we'll have a great time.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I've never been a fan of chicken pot pie, until I made this one. Granted, this recipe is not for the faint of heart or those watching their fat intake. It's a comfort food, one that I indulge in about once a month, as we have come to crave it. I got the basic recipe from www.thewannabecountrygirl.blogspot.com It's one of my favorite gardening/cooking/chicken blogs. I've changed a few things to go with what we like. It's super simple. Sit back, enjoy, and help yourself to a BIG helping!Get a pack of Pillsbury Pie Crusts. Don't do the knock-off brands. They just don't taste as good. I've tried everyone out there, and Pillsbury is the best, hands down. You COULD make your own crusts, but this is simple and fast, remember? Lay one of the crusts on a pie pan like above.

I used grilled chicken I had left over from a party dip that I made. You can buy it in the meat section of any grocery store and it's in a bag already grilled. It's a bit expensive though. I used this left over chicken because I couldn't imagine what else I'd do with it. I've also used a rotisserie chicken from the store and that has enough meat on it for 2 pot pies. Just freeze what you don't use. Cheap and easy!

Melt one stick of butter (I told you it's rich and yummy, remember???) and 1/2 Cup of flour. This makes a rue. Mix with a whisk. Be sure not to turn your back on this. Keep stirring, making sure the flour cooks and gets rid of the raw flour-y taste.

Then add 2 Cups of chicken broth. I make homemade broth. Super simple, and it's a great way of not wasting ANYTHING and cleaning out your fridge at the same time!

Add the broth to the rue, stirring. Add chicken pieces and salt and pepper to taste. I also go through my fridge and add any veggies that we haven't finished off and are tired of eating. Most of the time it's peas, as they are Pyper's favorite. Sometimes carrots, onions, etc. Be creative!

Pour mixture into the pie crust.

Add the other pie crust on the top. Pinch the sides together. Pyper pinched these sides. Not pretty, but she had a great time helping momma. Cut 4 vents with a knife. Brush the white of one egg over top of the crust to make it brown pretty-like...

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or so. I forgot about mine and it got a bit too done, but it was still yummy!

Take out and cool for about 10 minutes. Cut like a pie and enjoy the deliciousness! It is frightfully delectable!