Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 We had a huge UGLY walnut tree in the backyard that shaded our garden, and we decided to have it cut down.  Steve, Jenn's hubby, was a forest ranger and is an expert tree cutter!  So, he and the Wells family came over for a day of cuttin'.
 Steve notches the tree to have it fall in the direction he wanted it to.
 Cuts the front...

 And it was down!  EXACTLY where he said it would land!  Bravo, Steve!!!
 We stood around and observed Steve working hard...
 Cutting branches for our future bonfires.
 Big Steve leveled off the stump beautifully and said that he thinks the tree was around 70 years old.  I plan on putting planters on it.  But I may keep it empty to act as a stage...For now, Little Steven strikes a pose.
 Pyper flexes her muscles...
 She and Hunter discuss the economy...
 And then they bust out the wood splitter. 
All that wonderful walnut wood went to the Wells' home.  That's a lot of W's.  I think I counted 4 truck loads of wood to heat their home this winter.  Thanks so much for helping, Steve! 

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