Monday, May 21, 2012

Abby Goes To School!

 The trainer, Mark Noel, came over yesterday to get Abby.  I called her and she came running.  Every little girl is excited for the first day of school!

 Anna, her momma had to say goodbye and walked her to the bus stop.  Mark quickly haltered her and led her down. 
Of course, Iney had to say farewell, too.

 Abby has never seen or been on a trailer before.  I was VERY nervous as to how she would fare, but I should have known better.
 Mark walked up in the trailer and gently asked to approach.
 Abby wasn't too sure, but curious.
 Mark never got impatient, just watched her sniffing and processing the event...
He put a lariat around her bottom to encourage forward propulsion, and very gently applied pressure.
That did the trick!  She tentatively stepped up...
and hopped on the trailer.
He had her get on and off several times to make sure she was comfortable with it.  She was.  This all took a total of 10 minutes!
At the barn.  They have a wonderful indoor round pen.  She is in a lot with a little Hackney horse, and seems to be excited about her new adventure!

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  1. Wow! That was great with the trailer. I'm very excited to hear updates on how she's doing. She's turning out really pretty.