Thursday, May 17, 2012

Open Up and Say, "AHHH!"

In preparation of Abby, our 2 year old filly, going off to training this week, we had shots, Coggins and wolf teeth excised.  You may be wondering what all this stuff means, but the shots are to protect her from a range of diseases.  Especially since she will be going to a barn off the property with a bunch of unknown horses.    A Coggins test is a test required for all horses when they go to a show, cross state lines or sometimes when sold.  Coggins is not a disease, but instead a test performed for equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV). It's recommended to have a  Coggins test and shots annually.  Typically done in the spring.  Wolf teeth a little teeth that the horse doesn't really use or need.  Instead, they can cause mouth pain when the horse is introduced to the bit, and why it is recommended to remove them to rule out any bit problems in the future. 

This is not Abby, but it does illustrate where Wolf Teeth are in the horse's mouth.
See how little they are?

The picture above shows how the bit can hit on the wolf teeth and cause mouth pain.  The top arrow is pointing to the wolf teeth. 
Frances Grubb, our trusty vet and wonderful friend, came over yesterday evening to give everyone their shots, pull Abby's Coggins and wolf teeth.  She looks and feels in Abby's mouth and feels a little something...
She gives Abby a sedative and pain killer to relax her and prevent any discomfort.

Then Frances brings out this mid-evil looking halter and Abby starts dancing.  She's probably thinking, "You've got to be kidding me lady!  You're not putting that contraption in my mouth and expect me to stand still for it!!!???"
But, she does.  Abby didn't object too much.  It just fits like a halter with a mechanical mouth opener thing-y.  I'm sure there is a technical term for it, but whatever.
Abby knows she looks silly and is hanging her head in shame.  Not really.  She's drugged out of her gourd.  :)
"Momma, whath thith thing doing to my mouwf?  And why ith Iney laughing at meh???
Frances gets a good look in her mouth and tries to get a hold on the little tiny teeth...
Frances says they have barely broken through and are positioned to the inside of the jaw.  She tries several times, but can't get a good grip on them.  She doesn't think they will cause any trouble with training as they are so little.  She'll try to get them out in another 6 months or so.  I have learned to trust Frances' opinion and will wait.
Poor Abby is drunk and wobbly.
Frances mentions taking advantage of her state and clips her bridle path.  She did great.  She's now ready to go to training!!!  Thanks, Frances, and thanks, Jenn for taking pictures.

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