Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mea Culpa

 It's all my fault.  I forgot to put the girls up on Thursday night, and 6 of my 8 Dixie Chicks were killed by a predator.  I did have the coop door open in the barn aisle and they typically put themselves to bed and I would just go close the door.  It was storming out Thursday night, thunder and lightening.  I figured they would just go in the barn to get out of the weather.  I let them down.  Friday was their first birthday.  I took out a container of sour cream to celebrate their special day and only Mable and Ida Mae greeted me.  I realized I hadn't seen the other 6.  Jenn, the nanny, made a comment that she had only seen the 2 girls as well.  I started looking around.  They typically hide in the barn, up in the pines, and in the playhouse.  I looked and looked.  And then I saw all the feathers.  Above is Blanche, Gail or Gloria's plumage.
 Above is Goldie and/or Honey Pot's.
This is near the silo and their main coop door.  They must have been huddled up waiting for me to open the door when they were attacked.  I'll be honest--I cried.  I have such guilt knowing I let them down.  Shannon and some others laughed at me for my tears saying they were "just chickens" but they were MY chickens.  They had feelings, felt pain and fear.  It wasn't a very joyous birthday for them at all.  At least I have 2 others and the baby Dixie Chicks.  But my 6 girls will be missed for sure. 

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