Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Following a Chicken...

I decided to watch Gail, our feisty Dixie Chick, one afternoon.  She waddled down to the abandoned Christmas tree/branch pile we have in our old garden space (awaiting burning).  She conspicuously looked from side to side and stepped in.  I heard some scratching...

Then she gingerly stepped out of the Christmas tree...

And booked it.

I peered in, and viola!  A beautiful egg just for ME!!!

I looked around for Gail, to thank her for her present and found her talking with Pyper and Honey Pot.

They love the play yard.  Pyper went into the house to "make dinner."  Gail decided she needed to be invited to eat, too.

Gail sat on the "table" Pyper made and enjoyed herself.  Don't tell me chickens don't have personalities!  I just wish I had more time on my hands to watch the chickens, children and other critters and relax.

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