Monday, May 23, 2011

Pyper Meets the Dixie Chicks

Heading out to the barn to meet the chicks. Pyper knew something exciting was about to take place and kept saying, "Whoa!"

This look is priceless. She was entranced by the little "cuck-cucks" as she calls them. They were hopping around and peeping giving her a good show.

She desperately wanted to get her hands on one, so I caught one, and she proceeded to give it a kiss...

Tirelessly trying to catch a chick. Luckily, they are too fast for her dimpled little hands. We won't let her hold one on her own. So, she gets to look with her eyes, and only pet with her hands.

Trying to talk Shannon into letting her hold one...

"So many chicks, so little time!!!"

Getting a chance to pet one on the head. She likes to point out the body parts as we name them.

"These are all mine!!!"

"Seriously? I can't even hold ONE???

After we changed out the paper towels (they were nasty) we changed everything over to pine shavings. Pyper thought this was a great idea and literally spent an hour putting shavings in the brooder and taking them out. This is her new favorite past time. She still enjoys the chicks, but the shavings for whatever reason seem to entertain her more. She likes them so much, she dumps them on her head and squeals. Oh, well...a bath can remedy that...

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