Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Was Made For Me!

Pyper posing right before church on Sunday

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. We all went to church, Pyper wearing a pretty little dress her MamMom bought her. Paired with some discount tights I bought at Walmart. She still looked stylish. After church, we ran into town, ate at Applebee's, and then went to Lowes to pick up some supplies to finish the chicken coop.

While at Lowes, Pyper needed a diaper change. We went into the restroom, and as we were washing our hands and leaving, a lady came in, and walked into one of the stalls. I put Pyper on the floor and as we were walking out, Pyper stopped in front of the stall door, bent down, looked underneath, and waved saying, "HELLO!" The lady started to giggle. I was mortified, and apologized. She said she was a mother too, and hoped I had a great Mother's Day. Geesh! This kid keeps me on my toes!

Shannon worked in the barn, finishing up the chicken coop. He's almost finished putting the screen around the top to keep all flying predators out. He also ran electric outlets to Abby's stall and the chicken coop. Pictures to come!

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