Monday, May 16, 2011

Being Productive...

Every Spring, it's a good idea to clean out your water troughs with some water, bleach, and elbow grease. As you can see, the water trough above is under a gutter pipe, so it's our rain barrel of sorts. It saved us a lot of trips this winter hauling water. Needless to say, this trough was getting a bit nasty, and I decided today was the day to clean that sucker out! Especially when I saw little mosquito larvae swimming in the green water...EWWWW!!!

The horses had dropped some of their lunch when they would come in to drink, and then algae would grow, and bugs laid their eggs in there, etc...the life cycle of bugs was interupted on this day though!

Shannon and I dumped out the two 100 gallon troughs. Then, added some water, bleach, and got to scrubbing. I scrubbed too, but had to break to take pictures. :)

Bottoms up!

Filling the two troughs up with fresh water, the horses were very curious and very excited to check it out.

Iney, as usual, is our comedian. She has always had a love of playing in her water. Now, if we could only get her to cross creeks and streams, we'd be set for the trail.

All in all, it took us about 30 minutes to clean them out, and about that long to fill them back up.

We are thinking of getting a few goldfish to put in the troughs so they'll eat the algae, and all the gross stuff that grows on the walls of the tank...anyone have any suggestions?

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