Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's finished!

This past week, Shannon finished putting in the mulch and filling in the play yard. He went to Southern States, got 2 big scoops of mulch, and then transferred it to the play yard, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes.

Our neighbors and great friends brought over this old tractor tire they said was taking up space in their barn. It will serve as the sand box. Shannon will have to make it a cover, so the cats don't use it as a cat box.

Overall, I'm tickelled pink with the results. Have I said how much I love that Shannon is so handly around the house yet? I love how he takes so much pride in his home and farm, and is always looking for a project...

He said the other day all the projects around the farm are done for me. Well, this is proof that that's not true! This one is for Pyper! Great job, Shannon!

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