Monday, May 23, 2011

Chick Viewing Party!

After church, we ran to the local bait and tackle shop (a gas station) and bought a little tub of meal worms for the Dixie Chicks. We had great success with earth worms the other day, and Shannon thought to mix things up a bit. We had invited some close friends and their little ones to come over and see the girls. Chicks are really only cute for a week or two, so we decided to make a day of it. We had hot dogs (thinking that serving chicken would be in poor taste) and goodies, the kids rode bikes and 4 wheelers, and then wanted to see the chicks.

The kids (and adults) loved watching the chicks play keep away with the meal worms. We call it the Chicken Derby, because they were running around with a meal worm in their beaks so fast we just saw little blurs of either red, black or yellow. Interesting side note: the Barred Rock chicks (black ones) are far more aggressive and competitive than the other chicks. They are less timid and will take the meal worms right out of our hands. The others are too timid to trust us just yet.

Hunter, the little boy resting on the pool side, was mesmerized. He really seemed to enjoy it.

My friend Frances, holding one of the girls for her kids to pet.

Steven Jr being brave and holding a meal worm. He liked to feed the girls. Jen, his mom, points out where to put the snack.

Grant, on the left, was very excited to see the Chicken Derby. Pyper looking on proudly, as these are HER cuck-cucks.

I love this picture. This is little Clara. The youngest of our bunch. She's almost 10 months old, but you can see the wonder as she pets the little chick with her dimpled fingers. It is times and days like this that I thank God for living on a farm, and having great friends. God is so good, all time.

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  1. You have a regular petting zoo. Don't go the the Fort Chiswell Safari Park and get any other ideas.