Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dark Brown is the New Black

Today we have started putting Abby, our yearling, in her stall during the day, and will let her out tonight. We have been keeping her stalled for the last month or so, trying to get her used to being kept in. However, we have been keeping her at night, and out during the day.

Have I confused you yet? The reason we are keeping our dark beauty out of the sun is because the sun is bleaching her coat. She is a registered BLACK paint horse. However, she is looking a bit red, if not bay due to the sun. She has beautiful red and blonde highlights in both mane and tail, and that's a no no when showing. If she's reg as BLACK, she needs to be BLACK.

So, we're keeping her in during the hottest part of the day, and out to roam, range and flounce at night. She really loves her stall, but I know she'll miss her buddies out in the field. I've been researching stall bordom busters...I'll keep you posted as to what I come up with.

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