Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Greener Pastures

FINALLY! Our pastures have greened up enough for us to stop feeding hay! This year is so unlike lasts in that we stopped feeding hay in March last year. Here it is almost May, and we've just now stopped. Needless to say, it has really hit our summer hay reserves for Abby. We've been keeping her in during the day to prevent her black coat from getting sun bleached.

Speaking of Abby...I came home on Monday evening, went out to the barn to let her out. I opened the barn door, and it looked as though it had been tossed! I mean, Iney's purple winter blanket was crumpled in aisle, halters, lead ropes, grazing muzzles, buckets, brushes, and various other grooming supplies were EVERYWHERE! I looked down to Abby's stall, and it was standing wide open! She was innocently standing inside, like, "What??? What do you expect me to do when you leave me all day by myself???" I cleaned up the mess, checked her out, and let her out with the girls. She bucked, and farted and ran off to the top pasture where the primo grass is. I literally stood there scratching my head. There's no way she could have used her teeth to slide the bar, and we know horses don't have opposable thumbs...

Yep, I deducted I must not have latched the door to her stall. I'm just so thankful the hay was behind a gate, and the feed was locked up tight! Thank God for small miracles.

On a side note, I am 19 weeks pregnant today, and we find out the sex of the baby!!! Can't wait to share the news and the ultrasounds!

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