Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Ready...

Shannon and I thought we'd add another horse stall to the barn last spring. Luckily, Shannon is very handy and did all the work himself. My friend's daughter, Jordyn, who loves horses, helped out too. It took a few weeks, but it turned out really nicely, I think. We've recently decided to transform this horse stall (which we rarely use) into the new chicken coop. With some fencing and thought, I think we'll have it predator-free in no time! Shannon is very proud of himself. As he should be. He did a great job! Jordyn scrapes off 60 year old cow manure off the walls. This is clearly an initiation of sorts to see if she can really handle the barn life. She passed with flying colors.
The finished product from inside the barn. Now, Shannon is going to add a screened door to the top of this one, and screen to the rafters down to keep out owls, hawks and barn kitties. I think my Dixie Chicks will love their new digs!

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