Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

This past Sunday, Shannon showed me this perfect nest with this cute little Robin's egg in it. I later noticed the Robin on the porch banister watching over it. When I went back on Tuesday, the egg was gone. The only thing we could figure, was one of our cats found our little treasure in the corner of the porch. Oh, well...
It was in the 70's today, so Shannon and I took advantage of the warm weather, and worked outside. One of the projects was planting our blackberry and raspberry plants. Shannon thought planting in front of the paddock, but behind the workshop would be a good place, with enough room for the lawn mower to go on either side...
Shannon dug up all the sod, laid weed cloth and put down landscape timbers to edge it.
Shannon took post hole diggers, and then planted each plant in the holes. It rained like crazy tonight, so they were watered just fine by Mother Nature.

I can't wait for my blackberries and raspberries. Near these plants, we have 2 blueberry plants. Lots of yummy fruit for my yogurt in the morning!!!

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