Friday, July 27, 2012

Peep, Peep!

I went out last night to check on Ida Mae and I found this egg shell in her nesting box.  I immediately knew what that meant!

 Ida Mae had hatched out her first chick! 

 Meet Fannie! (if it's a boy, we'll have to come up with another name!)

 Ida Mae was so sweet to let me pick her up, check out Fannie, and give her kisses.  I've read where mother hens are aggressive and mean, but not Ida Mae.  She's so sweet.  I love this chicken!

 Pyper and I fed them meal worms.  Pyper thought is was so funny that Fannie would disappear under Ida Mae's breast.  She then introduced herself, saying, "I'm Pyper Ann Dickson (she can't say the "en" in Dickenson).  She's so dear. 

 Determining that Fannie needed to eat and drink as well, and the nesting box was a bit too far off the ground for her to hop up and down to feed, I set up Naki's crate in the coop and settled the new family in there.  Ida Mae immediately took care of Fannie and the other unhatched egg, gently positioning herself on top of them to keep them warm. 

Ida Mae and the baby were thirsty and immediately got a cool drink.  It's so neat to see Fannie roam around to hear Ida Mae make a throaty sound to caution her back to her.  Fannie doesn't stray too far from her momma. 

The other egg should hatch today.  Fannie was laid on July 5th, and exactly 21 days later, she was here.  The other egg was laid on July 6th, so we'll see!  This is so exciting!  The fun part will be to later figure out who the momma and daddy are.  Ida Mae and Mable are the only hens that lay.  We have 2 eggs.  I don't know who lays what eggs, as they are both similar colors and shapes.  We have 4 roosters.  So Fannie and the unknown other will be either a Buff Orpington/Easter Egger cross or a Rhode Island Red/Easter Egger cross.  Fun times ahead!

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