Saturday, July 28, 2012

And the 2nd One Hatches!

Yesterday was the 21st day for egg #2.  I checked Ida Mae several times yesterday, and NADA.  This morning, I woke up, took care of the kids and headed out to check on #2.  I felt under Ida Mae, and the egg wasn't solid.  It felt like it had broken!  I lifted her up...and this is what I saw!

And hour later...I found this...

Ida Mae was trying to help her/him along...

And an hour after that...I found this precious little chick trying to emerge into the world. 

 And hour after that, I gently lifted her out from Ida Mae.

Here she/he is!  Steven, the nanny's son, named this chick Berry.  I love it.  She's/he's now all fluffy like Fannie.  All it took is staying under momma, and drying off.  I love living on a farm!

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