Friday, February 3, 2012

Cave Dwellers

In keeping with the theme of "unplugging" our kids, we cancelled our Direct TV. I was going to give it up for Lent, but decided I needed to make a more permanent decision for our family. I discussed it with Shannon, and he agreed that we watch too much TV individually and as a family. We had noticed how over-commercialized programming has become. So much so, that our 2 year old asked for a product that had just been advertised. That was a wake up call. So, we decided that after dinner, we would play as a family, or read, or weather permitting, go outside as a family. The theme being "FAMILY."

I got about 10 of these big boxes at work. They are the perfect size for Pyper and her buddy Hunter to play in comfortably. We decided to make a cave.

I took some brown paper from some packaging and a roll of brown paper and had Pyper crinkle it up really tight into a ball. You could also use brown paper bags. Then we smoothed it out.

Ok, I smoothed it out. She liked balling the paper up WAY too much.

Then we taped each piece to the box giving the effect of earth or rocks. Here, Raegan is making sure the opening of the cave is large enough. I love that sweet baby.

We covered the entire box. Then it was play time! Pyper took her markers and did cave paintings inside and outside of the cave. I also looked for a strand of white Christmas lights to put on top. I was going to poke little holes on the ceiling of the cave and make the constellations, but couldn't find any lights. Oh, well.

After playing with the cave for a little bit and unsuccessfully trying to lure Hannibal inside, Pyper decided to play the piano. Shannon was playing Abba's "Dancing Queen," and Pyper played along, singing.

Belting it out!

Having too much fun. I'm so glad we decided to get "unplugged." It has really taught us to use our imaginations when playing and spending time together. Now, we still have our TV, and we watch movies. But we really try to limit her movie watching to no more than an hour a day if that. Some days, it's about a half hour. My only regret is that we didn't cancel the Direct TV sooner. Oh, well. We live and learn. Now, Shannon's wondering where he'll watch the Super Bowl! My timing is flawless...hee hee!

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