Monday, January 30, 2012

Movin' On Up!

New Year's day meant moving the girls from downstairs up. We decided early on, even though we have a 4 bedroom home, we wanted them to share a room. So far, it's been a success! I remember being little and sneaking into my sister's room and we would sleep in the closet. Crazy, but it fun. She had a Puff the Magic Dragon sleeping bag, and we would make forts with it and dream. I'm hoping for the same sweet memories for my girls to share. Here are some pictures of their girly, nature-infused oasis. Between the two twin beds, is a cherry tree full of cherries, birds and squirrels.
Shannon's aunt Nita gave this painting to us for the girls. I love how it brings our love of storybook rhymes into their room. Pyper and Raegan both love it, too.

Raegan's little bed for now. With the wooden letters my sister, Joshua and Jackson painted for her.

Going into the closet. They have a wonderfully large closet that is cubby-like. They will play in there for sure!

Since Pyper can't read yet, I thought that putting pictures of what goes in the drawers would help with her attempts to put away her laundry. She loves to help in anyway she can. So, I allow her to do so.

These signs have been quite successful so far. She is able to pick out her own play clothes (I pick out the more important outfits for church and such), and she feels very accomplished!

We finally used these cute little brass piggie hooks Aunt Nita gave the girls. They hold their winter coats in their closet.

I hung some coordinating ribbon to hang up Pyper's bow collection. It keeps things nice and organized, so I'm not searching frantically for matching hair accessories!
Besides, Pyper's not fully dressed without a bow!

We have decided to keep toys OUT of their room, because Pyper is too tempted to play with them when she's supposed to be napping or sleeping. But, Shannon found this fun stacking toy in the hallway and we couldn't help but play it right then and there!

Itty-Bit (Raegan) loves her new room. Here, she is doing her required Tummy Time. She's so precious. Please keep us, I mean her, in your prayers. She's teething and no one, except for Pyper has gotten any sleep! EEEKKK!

Pyper in her "Big Girl Bed." It's really a bunk bed that we have separated into two twins. The idea of her climbing up to the top bunk unnerved us a bit, so we thought we'd assemble it later...but this one is perfect because it has the side rails already on it. She sleeps like a log and enjoys her room!

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