Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chicken Tonic

Ida Mae eyes the Chicken Tonic in the bowl...

The last week or so, I have noticed a marked decrease in egg production. The girls deserve a break, but I also wanted to ensure they were feeling their finest. In the evenings, I typically find 3-4 eggs in a nesting box. Lately, this is what I find.

My collection for the day. Thinking the girls may be getting ready to molt, and noticing their combs looking a little limp and pale, I decided to whip up a healthy treat for them. A Chicken Tonic.

I blended Vitamin C, Echinacea, carrots, celery tops, asparagus, garlic and water into a fine puree. They gobbled it up. In the top picture, Ida Mae was the only one that explored the tonic in the great outdoors. The rest ignored it all day. Until I put it in their coop that night. It was gone in no time flat.

I love Stewpot's coloring. He is so shiny. He seems to be weathering fine, but the ladies look a bit worse for wear.

Also, I try to supplement their calcium with baked egg shells. I know, it sounds gross, perhaps a bit cannibalistic, but, as you can see--they love egg shells.

So, if your chickens need an immunity boost, whip up a Chicken Tonic pronto!


  1. Chickens love turnip greens! It makes their eggs rich and yummy

  2. Love it! But be careful giving them the eggs shells - they may get in the habit of breaking open their own freshly laid eggs - and once they find out how good their own egg white/yolk taste (trust me they go nuts), you'll have cannibalistic monsters on your hands! :-)

    1. Amy, I've thought of that! I also provide oyster shell.