Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Egg-Ceptional Size

Tonight when I went to collect the eggs, I found this big ole honker! The egg on the right is an average sized egg from our girls.
I have tiny hands, but still...that thing is HUGE! I feel sorry for the lady that laid it. I'll know which chicky popped this one out tomorrow. She'll be walking funny, I'm sure. :)
In the egg crate-- can you spot it?
What about now? We are still averaging 6 eggs a day. Tonight I got 7. This is just 2 days worth. I love all the different colors. Some have little speckles, some are oblong, some very round, some pointy. I read an article that Cornell University did a study to sex eggs. If it's a pointy egg, it's a boy. If it's rounded, it's a girl. I can't wait to test this theory out. I have lots of girl eggs.
Can you spot the boy eggs?
I'll have to ask my sister in law, Kerry, her opinion. She went to Cornell's Vet school...She's a smart egg. I'm sure she'd be a round one. :)

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