Friday, January 27, 2012

Drain Cleaning Fun!

I had read somewhere that an environmentally safe drain de-clogger (is that a word?) was adding baking soda and vinegar to the sink and the miraculous bubbles do all the work for you. Sans the harsh chemicals found in Drain-O and other commercial products. Plus, it's a lot cheaper! I was giving Raegan a bath, when Shannon suggested letting Pyper unclog the drains. What a great idea! She loved it! He pulled the Learning Tower up to the sink and introduced her to science. She loved the bubbles formed by the carbon dioxide gas produced by combining these two common household ingredients.

Pouring more baking soda....

More vinegar....

Being as tactile as she is, she HAD to feel what the bubbles felt like! By the way, it unclogged our drain beautifully! Maybe because we used a full box of soda and a HUGE tub of vinegar? Who cares! It was an inexpensive science project. This is a clear example of how you can teach your kids everyday lessons and life skills inside the home. Did Shannon the pharmacist discuss the chemical reactions and the production of carbon dioxide gas? No. But she learned at 2 when you combine these two items, fun bubbles appear and fizz. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. I'm so blessed to have a great hubby and the girls to have a great dad like Shannon to teach them their first chemistry lessons!

See how happy my hoodlums are? ha! Pyper is OBSESSED with hats lately, and wanted to wear Raegan's, so Raegan wore hers. Love my babies!

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