Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moon Sand and Dancing

Since Pyper is so sensory driven, I thought I'd make Moon Sand for her. All I needed was a 5 lbs bag of flour and baby oil. I mixed the two ingredients and VIOLA! Moon Sand. Moon sand is really neat because as you mix it, it has the consistency of sand in that it can be molded (makes balls, mountains, packs down really well, etc) but without the irritating scratch of sand.

Pyper mixes it up. We put it in a Rubbermaid tote with a lid to contain all the fun (mess).

Pyper loves to dip, pour, and stir, so I provided all the tools for her to do this to her heart's content.

Pyper pretends to wash her hands after playing.

Then it was dance time. I put in some fun tunes, Pyper put on her fairy dress, and 'round and 'round she went while Raegan, Hannibal & I watched.

Pyper loves her sissy. She is always doting on her. She gets it honest...because we can't control ourselves either!

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