Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Walk in Woodbridge...

After sitting in the car for 5 hours, we decided to go for a walk and stretch our legs. This is one of Pyper's favorite things to do.

Auntie Renae holds the hand of her little buddy.

Pyper must make sure her MaMom is following.

The gang...

MaMom trying to keep up with Pyper...when the walk was over, we headed home and decided to sit on the porch for a spell.

Porch view from mom and dad's.

As you kick back and relax on the porch, this is the view you soak in, as you slowly unwind...

Coming up to the front porch...

Pulling into the driveway, you immediately start to decompress...

Even though my mom and dad live in busy Northern Virginia, their home is nestled in the woods surrounded by the Occoquann Reservoir. It is truly a sancuary, where you relax and unwind. Their log home has a huge front porch where we gather, eat, and laugh. My dad has a hammock on it and calls it his "summer office." If you can't find dad, look on the front porch...he's either working on something or snoozing.

My mom and sister, Renae have worked really hard on the yard this year. It's hard to keep the deer out of the yard and eating the flowers. Mom has made an awful, but effective concoction of rotten beaten eggs, water, and vinegar she sprays on the flowers to deter the deer. It smells really bad for a bit, but it works!!!

I have so many wonderful memories sitting on this front porch with family and friends. We used to sit on the swing, huddled up together and watch thunderstorms.

What kind of memories do you have on your porch?

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