Monday, June 13, 2011

A visit to Blue Canoe Farm

On Saturday, we took Pyper to visit my friend, Sheri Bansemer's, Alpaca farm. One of her girls, Skittles, just had a cria, Gunnel, pictured above. I apologize about the over exposure, I wasn't thinking and had the flash on!

Micah, Sheri's very helpful son, picked up little Gunnel (weighing 25 lbs!) and would walk around the yard with him! Pyper and Gunnel weigh the same. Amazing!

Pyper inspecting Micah's hold to ensure accurate and safe handling.

Sheri also has 7 hens on her farm...something we are naturally intrigued by! Pyper gave Micah's pet hen a kiss for good measure.

Micah showing Pyper how sweet his lady is.

This is Val, a black alpaca. I thought she looked so cute with her minerals on her top lip! She is due to deliver her cria literally any minute!

Pyper wanted to pet Val so badly, but with the impending birth, Val was a bit moody, and I'm sure uncomfortable. Sheri said she's prone to spit when agitated, so we left good enough alone.

Again, Micah, the helpful farm hand, showed his cria off to Pyper. Pyper just wanted to squeeze him and kiss him!

Pyper loved feeling Gunnel's fiber. He was soooo soft. Hard to believe he's only 3 days old!

Pyper, when excited, always goes for the eyes. Human, or otherwise. Who knows! Gunnel was so sweet and patient with her.

If you are near Marion, Va you must go by and visit Blue Canoe Farm! Sheri and Micah are so knowledgeable, and helpful. They certainly have an "open barn" policy, and the kids will love it. I know Pyper did. My mom and I did too!

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