Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dixie Chick's Treats

I'm much like my father in that I research my hobbies ad nauseam. I have read on several websites, blogs, and articles how much chickens LOVE watermelon. So, after we ate ours, I gave the girls the left overs. It's truly composting at its best. Here, Blanche, the ever-adventurous one, inspects and starts her gluttony.

Goldie, seeing that Blanche is obviously enjoying her tasty treat, books it over to the watermelon...

Soon, all the ladies are enjoying their tasty treat.

This is what was left. Carnage. The meat of the watermelon remaining was
only left because the girls had scratched their shavings all over it and decided that made it less tasty.

I then decided to give them some plain yogurt with pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top, and a bowl of Shannon's ill-fated pinto beans. **Side Note: I asked Shannon to make a crock pot of pinto beans, having had soaked the beans over night. I laid the recipe out for him to follow (very easy), and went on to work. He later told me he didn't read the recipe, and just threw the beans in the crock pot with the soaking water and cooked them. I refused to eat them. That's just nasty. So, I decided to feed them to the girls. :) **

Needless to say, the beans were a big hit with the girls.

Here, you see Ida Mae giving Blanche the hairy eyeball, basically telling her to back off.

Blanche finds some pumpkin seeds I put on the floor for them....

The girls enjoying their feast.

Myrtle, one of the shyer girls, decides she wants in on the action and takes flight to get while the gettin' is good.

Blanche, after her meal, perches on the highest spot in the coop so far and watches her kingdom.

Here's looking at you! Blanche is my favorite. Can you tell? Who knew chickens had such personalities?

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  1. great pics. i was afraid when we gave them the meal worms that they wouldnn't find them in the shavings. little did i know...