Monday, April 2, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I've never been a fan of chicken pot pie, until I made this one. Granted, this recipe is not for the faint of heart or those watching their fat intake. It's a comfort food, one that I indulge in about once a month, as we have come to crave it. I got the basic recipe from It's one of my favorite gardening/cooking/chicken blogs. I've changed a few things to go with what we like. It's super simple. Sit back, enjoy, and help yourself to a BIG helping!Get a pack of Pillsbury Pie Crusts. Don't do the knock-off brands. They just don't taste as good. I've tried everyone out there, and Pillsbury is the best, hands down. You COULD make your own crusts, but this is simple and fast, remember? Lay one of the crusts on a pie pan like above.

I used grilled chicken I had left over from a party dip that I made. You can buy it in the meat section of any grocery store and it's in a bag already grilled. It's a bit expensive though. I used this left over chicken because I couldn't imagine what else I'd do with it. I've also used a rotisserie chicken from the store and that has enough meat on it for 2 pot pies. Just freeze what you don't use. Cheap and easy!

Melt one stick of butter (I told you it's rich and yummy, remember???) and 1/2 Cup of flour. This makes a rue. Mix with a whisk. Be sure not to turn your back on this. Keep stirring, making sure the flour cooks and gets rid of the raw flour-y taste.

Then add 2 Cups of chicken broth. I make homemade broth. Super simple, and it's a great way of not wasting ANYTHING and cleaning out your fridge at the same time!

Add the broth to the rue, stirring. Add chicken pieces and salt and pepper to taste. I also go through my fridge and add any veggies that we haven't finished off and are tired of eating. Most of the time it's peas, as they are Pyper's favorite. Sometimes carrots, onions, etc. Be creative!

Pour mixture into the pie crust.

Add the other pie crust on the top. Pinch the sides together. Pyper pinched these sides. Not pretty, but she had a great time helping momma. Cut 4 vents with a knife. Brush the white of one egg over top of the crust to make it brown pretty-like...

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or so. I forgot about mine and it got a bit too done, but it was still yummy!

Take out and cool for about 10 minutes. Cut like a pie and enjoy the deliciousness! It is frightfully delectable!

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