Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Good Friday...

Typically, when you think of Easter, you think of the Easter bunny, baby chicks, lots of candy filled plastic eggs, the annoying colored shredded plastic filling in the bottom of the baskets and dressing your kids up in cute dresses or suits for church. At our house, we want to focus more on the real meaning of Easter. It's always amazed me how the Friday before Easter Sunday is called Good Friday. In fact, I find it rather sad. The day that represents when Jesus was crucified on the cross for claiming to be the Son of God. His death was horrific. My dad would sit us down at Easter when we were older and open the Bible and describe the gruesome death of Christ. He didn't do it to be morbid, but to show us the love He had for us to die that way. At any given moment, He could have come off that cross and left us unforgiven. But, that was not the true nature of my Lord. I guess how he unselfishly died for all of us so that we may be with Him and His father in Heaven is rather...well, GOOD. So, I suppose I'm ok with calling this day Good Friday.
I think about all the things I mentioned above when Easter comes to mind, too, though. I just try not to focus on it. I did however, buy 9 more chicks. I had a lady that was supposed to go in with me to buy them and then she backed out. Go figure. 8 of them are straight run Americaunas. Or Easter Eggers. They lay blue and green eggs, and thought that would make my egg basket even prettier than it already is. I also got one white leghorn chick. Like Foghorn from the Looney Tunes cartoons. I just hope I got SOME hens and not all roos!
Pyper was very good about holding them with loving hands.
She loves animals. I wonder where she gets it from???
Chicky kisses...
And sweet Easter Bunnies. Have a wonderful and BLESSED Easter. We will! My mom and dad are coming in and we'll have a great time.

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