Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hi, I'm Naki! I found my FUR-ever home this Saturday with this crazy family. They're crazy, but they're happy. I get lots of love, hugs, kisses, exercise and food. I had it pretty good at my foster home, too, but there's nothing like being in my permanent pack. I was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee by this really cool lady that had lots of German Shepherds. She gave me a bath, brushed me, fed me and loved me, but I had to share her with so many other dogs. Until I met the Dickensons! I now have an older brother, Hannibal, and just like a little sister, I pester him. Little being the operative word...I outweigh him by a good 20 pounds and stand a good 3 inches taller than him. But we play and fight just like siblings.

I love my new family, as they were very sad when I showed up, but when they see me, they smile and talk about how similar I am to a friend named Riley. This Riley girl must have been something special, because they say I am very much like her in looks and personality. She must have been great, because I'm nearly a perfect dog! Nothing like a dog that won't wag her own tail, huh?

My other sister, Pyper, loves me too. She is always hugging my neck, feeding me cheese and dressing me up. I follow her and my little little sister, Raegan all around the house. I love kids and I make sure to watch over them. Every morning a nice lady named Jenn, comes over and my mom and dad go to work. Jenn has 2 rambunctious boys, but I love them, too! I get so much loving and scratches behind my ears. I'm in heaven! The fact that I'm never alone is wonderful, as I have spent most of my life alone. My mom and dad said I'm an answer to prayer. That MUST mean I'm special.

I hang out in the playroom with my sisters. While they play, I relax and make sure nothing will harm them.

I get to go outside a lot and run and play. They have a lot of land with cats, chickens and horses. I love to run the fence line with the horses and watch them carry on. I'm very respectful of them, and am sure to herd them, but not hurt them. I do the same with the chickens. They are a noisy bunch, but sweet. I herd them up and sometimes lunge at them just to ruffle their feathers. I know it's ornery, but it's fun! I get tuckered out after all that running, I have to take a nap...

It's so great to meet your acquaintance! I hope to meet you in person soon, as I love new people. I'm going on my first big trip this weekend to my Mamom and Pop-Pop's house in Northern Virginia. They have a dog, too, and I can't wait to meet Uncle Toby!!!

**We adopted Naki from Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue in Greenville, Tn. She came from a shelter, and we guess she's around 5 years old. Like she said, she is nearly the perfect dog. Very mild mannered inside, yet excited to go outside and play. She was extensively tested with children, cats, dogs and yes, even chickens when we requested her. She arrived up to date on all her shots, microchipped, and spayed. Deb Lewellen runs the rescue and she was a delight to work with. I truly do believe that Naki is an answer to prayer. Our hearts were so heavy and sad when we lost Riley. Naki is a salve on that wound. We also worked with Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. They, too, were amazing to work with, we just didn't get a chance to meet any of their dogs. They were very vigilant in ensuring we would find the right dog for our family, and when we told them we found Naki, even at a different rescue, they were delighted. If you ever want to rescue a German Shepherd, I would highly recommend either agency. My favorite breed is RESCUED.**

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