Monday, August 29, 2011

End of Summer Randomness

37 weeks and counting!

Just waiting to meet Raegan! I wonder if she'll have red hair???

Pyper likes to play in the corn like the chickens do.

Here is a bucket of apples from our apple tree. Well, the truth is, the tree is our neighbor's, but he has let us adopt we collect apples every night for the horses, chickens and us! I wonder what this bucket will make. Cobbler, pie, fried apples, apple sauce...Yes please!

Bubble Time with Daddy and Pyper

Whoa! Pyper tickles us with her facial expressions.

That's a good one, Daddy!

The 3 red heads. L-R Myrtle, StewPot, and Mable

Really enjoying free ranging...

Blanche striking a pose.

This is the cradle my dad made for Pyper and now Raegan. I love how beautiful it is, and how it looks like a piece of furniture. It was such a wonderful gift from Pop Pop to the girls. Hopefully, Raegan will sleep in our room for a few months.

This is the blanket a friend, Allison, had made for Raegan. What a wonderful shower gift! It's in her cradle, waiting for her! Can't wait to use it, and swaddle her up in it!
Thanks, Allison for such a thoughtful gift!

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