Saturday, August 27, 2011

I've Missed You!

It's been a long while since I blogged, because our MacBook died. We got a new computer, so we're cooking with gas now. Here are some things that have been happening here around the farm the last few weeks.

The horses have eaten down the grass. I'm thinking we will have to start feeding hay soon. Check SpellingLuckily, we had a great hay harvest this year. 190 + bales from 5.5 acres. Not too shabby!

Every evening during the week, and in the mornings on the weekends, we let the girls--and guy-out to free range. They love it. They scratch, and peck and do fun little dances. On the far left, is StewPot. He is definitely a HE! I was able to catch him crowing the other morning. It was a sad sounding crow...but I know he was trying. Practice makes perfect. He was standing down in the coop as his harem of ladies watched from the bleachers (roosts). He performs every morning for his lady friends. And they adoringly worship him. So far, it seems that it's working out.

Last Friday, we watched my friend Jenn's two boys. Steven is 4 and Hunter is 21 months. He's only 2 weeks older than Pyper. I was so nervous to have 2 additional kids in the house, being 9 months preggo, and having Pyper, who is going through this lovely stage affectionately known as the Terrible Twos! Luckily, Shannon had off as well, and we were able to handle the 3 kids. The boys are such BOYS, and much to Pyper's delight, wanted to ride on Shannon's new John Deere lawn mower. They had a great time!

Today we finished off the pot of ham and bean soup. It's my grandpa Troy's recipe, and I think he would have gotten a kick out of seeing how much we enjoyed it. A pan of corn bread accompanied it, and Pyper practically licked the bowl. It's a big hit in our house!

The other morning Pyper woke at 6 AM, so I brought her back to our bed to finish sleeping with me. Needless to say, I ran out of room, because when Pyper sleeps with you, she hogs the bed. She's everywhere on the bed. Oh, well. I ended up having to wake her up at 8:30, so we could start our day.

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