Sunday, September 18, 2011

Waiting On a Woman, well, a baby girl...

My Dr put me on bed rest a week before Raegan was due. I really wanted to make my one year anniversary at the VDH so I could get my maternity leave, and having already had one pre-term labor scare, and another one the week before where I was admitted overnight, I had made quite a bit of progress. All for it to stop in the middle of the night, with with Dr sending me home 3 cm dilated. All to wait. So, I stayed with my in laws over Labor Day weekend (no pun intended) and then my mom came down on that Tuesday to help out with Pyper. That was the hardest part. Not being able to play, pick up, and be an active mom with Pyper for that week. But my mom filled in great, in fact, so much so, that Pyper prefers to play her crazy games with her than with me. I want to ask Pyper where she thinks I got it from??? On Saturday, once I had reached my anniversary date, we climbed the hill to pick apples and feed the ponies.

Dad came down on Friday because he said he was lonely. It's not exciting here on our farm, but it is filled with love and lots of animals to feed apples to. Pyper took to Pop Pop as though no time had passed and forgot all about Mamaw. Where you saw Pop Pop, Pyper wasn't too far behind. Here, they pick apples for the horses, being careful to leave a few for the chickens.

Best Buddies, climbing the hill to feed the horses.

The horses love to see us all coming up the hill bearing gifts.

Picking apples for the apple pie mom made that night....mmmmm....

Mom and Pyper were pooped after a busy day of picking and playing. Pyper loves to snuggle for her naps. I know she will one day out grow this, and this makes me sooooo sad to imagine. I love these moments.

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