Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Bumps

I said throughout my pregnancy with Pyper how much I loved it. I wasn't working, I could take naps whenever I wanted, I didn't have one day of morning sickness, I didn't have a toddler to chase around, and was able to schedule my Dr appointments around Shannon's work schedule. I think he only missed one.

This pregnancy has been very different. I'm working full time, commuting 140 miles a day, chasing around a toddler, had morning, afternoon and evening sickness, have to schedule naps whenever and wherever I can, and I think Shannon has been able to make only 2 of my Dr's appointments. It's not that he doesn't want to, but I have to schedule them around my work schedule, Pyper's schedule, and of course, the Dr's schedule. It just so happens that Shannon is working on the days that is universally available.

I must admit this pregnancy has flown by. I think it's a combination of working and taking care of Pyper. I no longer have the luxury of reading every book published on pregnancy, pondering and contemplating every move, hic-cup, and muscle strain caused by the baby. I am just too busy!

I'm not too busy to enjoy this pregnancy though. Although it has been significantly different, I still love feeling Raegan move inside me, a feeling that I don't think I'll ever get sick of. It's truly a remarkable sensation. There are times that I wish Shannon could share this sensation, but I also really like the exclusivity of being in this club. Her hic-cups tickle me, both figuratively and literally. I love pushing down on her booty, and feeling her push back. I love watching her make my tummy roll like a sequence of waves when I'm relaxing at night watching TV. I'm not a fan of the heartburn, or the fact that I can no longer bend over from the waist. I don't like how my lower back aches 24/7, regardless of exertion. I don't like the interrupted sleep every night, because rolling over seems to be more of an Olympic sport instead of an unconscious maneuver. I've only gained 10 pounds at almost 35 weeks, and love that the Dr gave me a green light to eat whatever I want. Most of all, I'm really looking forward to meeting this little bundle that we've made from scratch. I wonder if she'll look like Pyper, with a black mohawk and crooked little butt crack. The ultrasound tech said she saw lots of hair, so now, it's just wondering what color that hair will be.

Please keep us in your prayers as we've already been to the hospital to stop contractions once. I'm already 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, which doesn't seem to concern the Dr's much at all. They said it's pretty normal with me having already had a baby. What they are concerned about is doing too much, too much stress, and picking Pyper up all the time. The Dr on Friday suggested bed rest. I personally have made my mind up against this, as I would be more stressed staying at home watching Pyper and taking care of the house than working at my desk at work. So, I've been actively making it a point to relax, and unwind, letting Shannon pick up the slack as much as he can around the house. Yesterday, I went to my friend, Jenn's house, and the kids played, I ate a delicious dinner I didn't have to make, and I was actually able to put my feet up and relax. It's friends like Jenn that make relaxing feasible. Instead of picking Pyper up so much, I let her run into my arms, or savor her little arms around my legs hugging as tight as she can, snuggling up to me as we nap, or me just bending over and smothering her little round face with kisses. I'll never run out of those for her.

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