Monday, April 15, 2013

Farm Fresh

Many people can't believe a girl born and bred in Northern Virginia can love living on a farm as much as I do.  My parents are amazed by the transformation, and simply, the happiness it brings us.  My inlaws, farmers from the Appalachian Mountains, even shake their heads and call me crazy.  I know I am quite counter-culture.  My ideas are outside most people's ideas of "normal" but it works for us.  Here's a snapshot of why I love living on my farm, being a caretaker of humans and animals alike.  They both bring us so much joy.

Horse kisses

Trotting through the fields

Free Ranging

Kids playing hide and go seek in gardens

Bountiful eggs

Cats sitting on eggs

Riding your favorite horse in the mountains

First rides with wind in your hair

Harvesting potatoes

Eggs of all colors and shapes

We are growing happiness.  Why don't you come over and soak in the view from here???


  1. Wonderful reasons for loving it here!

  2. Love this post!! Almost everyone I know thinks I'm insane for being so "horse crazy" and a "farm girl" but honestly, i wouldn't trade my life in the country for the world! :)