Monday, April 29, 2013

Blown Away!

As you can see, I was blown away by the wind gusts last Weds!  My dad and Shannon had told me to stake it down, but I didn't like that idea very much because the whole idea of the chicken tractor is to be easily moved around.  Having to dig up stakes, and re-stake kinda defeated the purpose.  But now, there is no purpose, because the tractor is demolished.  I will salvage what I can, and go back to the drawing table. 

This storm literally came on without much warning, and the tarp took sail and left the little fat chicks scattering to  the wind.  The up side to having Cornish Rocks broilers, is that they are so fat and cumbersome that they couldn't run fast or far.  They are shacked up again with the other babies in the coop.  Just as well.  They didn't scratch, eat bugs or grass anyways.  They're too lazy.  They literally just ate, fell asleep with their heads in the trough, to wake up again to eat.  Nasty birds.  I hope they taste good, though.  :)

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  1. Oh, no! That was quite the storm. Shingles blew off the worn out roof across the street.