Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Pics

This year, I decided to sew the girls' Easter dresses.  I fell in love with this pattern.  I ordered the hot pink chevron material online and whipped them up in no time.  Mom bought the cute hats.

 "Raegan, momma wants to take pictures!"

 Cutie with her My Little Pony, Crystal, that Mamom and PopPop bought her...

 My world.

 Shannon's girls.

 Mamom, PopPop, Joshua with Pyper and Raegan

 Family picture.  I wish the girls were smiling!

 Pyper and Joshua

 Raegan getting her goodies

 I wonder what Pyper was thinking of...

 I love this little one.

Reading to Callie, the cat that loves the girls....

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  1. Those dresses are adorable!!! You guys looked great!