Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Notes of Gratitude

A few months ago, I blogged about my friend, Sarina and her girls getting snowed in with us.  They live in sunny Florida (oh, how I wish I were there now!).  They made such an impression on me, how bright, kind, well behaved they were, that I wanted to show my appreciation to Sarina for raising such amazing young ladies.  Oh, did I mention that Sarina home schools these gems?  

I asked Sarina what her middle daughter, Averie would like, and she said she's interested in Native American costumes.  SO, I headed to JoAnn's and whipped this one up for her. The beaded necklace was made by Pyper, the feathers were donated by Fannie, our lost chicken, and I made the costume.  I think it turned out great.  Clearly, Averie thought so.

Hailey, the eldest, loves Breyer horses.  I went to Tractor Supply and picked up some small Appaloosa horses for her collection.  When she was visiting, she went into great detail about the horses she had along with the barns, paddocks, etc.  I will always encourage a little girl's love for my favorite animal.

 Amelia, the youngest, is obsessed with the Little Mermaid and anything to do with mermaids.  She saw and played with the mermaid tail I made for Pyper, and she told me she would love one, too.  Hint, hint!  I love that little girl!  So, I made a mermaid tail for her.

I mailed the package with a letter and I immediately got these pictures from Sarina.  Knowing the gifts were well received made it worth it!  But the BEST part????

 Look at what I got in the mail yesterday!!!!

 Wonderful drawings, with flap doors showing horses and chickens and chicks...

 A well written letter, with proper grammar, letter structure and another great drawing.

 A cute letter with another flap door showing another horse peeking out.

And a beautiful drawing of  Black Leopard Appaloosa!

This just touched me so much because kids are no longer taught to write thank you notes.  Let alone take the time away from TV or video games to draw what they love best.  I, personally, chalk it up to the parents.  Sarina and her husband have taught the girls that this is the polite and respectful response to receiving gifts.  My mom and dad always had me write thank you notes, and many of my friends even now, make fun of me for dropping a note of thanks in the mail when they have done something over and beyond.  I will teach my girls this skill as well.  Besides, it put a Perma-Grin on my face and I'll treasure these notes of thanks.  


  1. How sweet! The girls were so excited to see themselves on here and to see how much you loved their letters and pictures. What a talented writer you are. I love checking out your blog!

  2. Great gifts for what sounds like great kids.

  3. Aimee...you can stop making the rest of us look bad now! JK!! The gifts you hand-make will be treasured for above anything you could run out to Wally-world and buy. You are a jewel, lady!