Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Loss...

I am so sad to report we lost two more chickens on Sunday.  When I let them out to range, they were all there.  When I went to put them up that night, 2 were missing.  I worried that something had gotten them, but hoping they had just roosted somewhere I shut them all up and waited until daylight.  I found Ida Mae's feathers scattered on the hill in our barn lot, and a tuft of Foghorn Leghorn's white feathers up by my horse trailer.  A fox had attacked in broad daylight.  RIP Ida Mae and Foghorn Leghorn.  You will be missed. 

Ida Mae (momma hen above) was my favorite and was such a wonderful momma.  I would hold her and she'd purr. 

Foghorn Leg horn (above, small white hen) was our only white egg layer.  She was a chicken brain, but sweet. 

We'll miss you girls. 

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