Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Funny Looking

 I was up at my mom and dad's for a long weekend this past week.  I trusted Shannon with the care of the animals while away.  He is fully capable, but (no offense, Shannon!) he just doesn't care for my critters like I do.  As soon as I got the girls settled in the house, I booked it out to the barn.  The barn is one of my favorite places on this planet, and I checked on Mable, Ida Mae, and the Hen Twins (Fannie and Barry) to make sure they were comfortable.  Their water was empty, so I refilled it, and then I loved on them and gave them some scratch.  The other chickens had bunked down for the night because the wind was whipping, and they were cold.  I fed the horses, loved on them, and went searching for some eggs.  Shannon doesn't know where they hid them...but I do!  I found one in Mable's stall, 16 in a little nest near our wood pile in the barn aisle, 2 in the coop, and 14 in the hay.  I love collecting eggs.  I also love to see how unusual they are, and how oddly shaped they can be.  Look at this cone-head egg.  I wonder if the studies are correct and this would be a boy egg...hmmmm...

Speaking of weird looking are mine.  Pyper loves to dress up.  We were getting ready to go out to dinner for my mother in law's birthday.  Hope you are all staying warm in this COLD weather!!!

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