Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old And New Friends...

Don't you love it when you reconnect with old friends and then make new ones?  I do!  Farmer Amy and I were friends in high school, and then reconnected several years ago when we both had our horses stabled in King George.  We became friends on Facebook and the rest is history!  She lives in Culpepper on a farm with her boyfriend and emailed me last week to tell me that she was going to visit her friend from college, Audrey in Radford, and if she could stop by for a farm visit.  Of course I agreed!  What a treat!!!  Audrey is a nurse at the hospital Shannon worked at and she has twin girls that are close to Pyper's age.  Double treat!

 Pyper showed off part of her Halloween costume. 

Hannah and Madison love chickens!  My kind of girls!

Our girls watching the chicken girls...

New friends, Audrey and her girls.  

Farmer Amy with Pyper.  You may wonder why I call Amy "Farmer Amy..." It's because she is a real farmer!  YES!  She is the one responsible for my chicken obsession  hobby, she raises and butchers pigs, chickens and lambs! She's hard core...

 Amy and Abby

 Abby is so gentle and loving.

Iney had to get in on the action.

 And of course did Anna.

I love this picture because Audrey handles her girls with such grace, confidence and love. I on the other hand,  would lose my mind.  I have so much respect for parents of twins.  I don't know how my mother in law did it with Shannon and Shawn!  

New friends watching Dora after dinner and playing.  This is one of the wonderful things about living where we do.  Friends far and near meeting up to visit a farm without a name...

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