Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who's Your Daddy???

The baby chicks are now about 5 weeks old.  Remember when they were itty like this?  Fannie and Barry are growing like weeds, and their ever-protective momma, Ida Mae, has taught them to free range.  Fannie is a girl, and I'm pretty sure Barry is a roo.  I am quite attached to them, and contemplate daily what I'll do with 2 roos.  Only time will tell.

 They eat some corn from the garden...

 Crockpot looks over their work, making sure his flock gets enough of the good stuff.

Notice how orange and brown Fannie and Barry are?  It's because Ida is not their biological mother.  Mable, our RIR hen is, and I suspect, Hawk, is their father.  My friend Sheri took Hawk home to watch over her flock.  That's one of the many things I love about chickens.  Their ability to not give a hoot about biology, but to adopt babies, pellets and even adults into their flock as though they were blood.  Ida has taken care of these little ones as though she laid them herself.  It's truly an example to live by and to practice.  Not looking at the exterior package to determine worth.  I love that.  See, chickens can teach you quite a bit about unconditional, color blind love.  

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