Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It was GRAND!

 We had such an outpouring abundance of love and support from our family and friends for our Grand Opening Party at the pharmacy last weekend.  Things are only getting better, too.  So, for all of you out there that helped, came and played, ate, and laughed with us, "Thank you!"

 My dad worked at the snow cone machine.  It was the greatest success of all.  The kids (and adults!) were lined up for snow cones!

 Jenn worked her booty off that day and that whole week.  We would be lost without her.  She is such a great nanny to our girls, and now she has even insisted on mowing our grass!  I think it's because she couldn't stand the way I did it!  ha!

 I love my Mother in law, Sharon.  The food was a huge success because of her!

 My amazing mom.  She really helped me stay calm (or as calm as to be expected) and watched the kids.  She's my rock. 

 Fauna whispering sweet nothings into Joshua's ear...

 My big 1 year old, Itty. 

 Pyper SO enjoyed the bouncy house

 Jay was the winner of the 39" TV

Our sweet Willow enjoying her Barbi


  1. It does seem like you had a Grand time. Sorry we missed it, all this horse stuff you know. Did you see the pics of Jordyn at the horse show?

  2. So much love for you all that day. :-)