Thursday, March 22, 2012

Re-homing or Coq Au Vin

Last week, Stewpot, our resident rooster attacked Pyper. Pyper loves to help me feed all the animals and while we were in the chicken coop, Stewpot flogged her. I had turned by back for just a split second to pour feed into the feeder, and I heard her screaming. I turned around to find Stewpot's talons tangled in her hair. Pyper had had the sense to lay down, and I had the sense to drop kick him. He went flying and I tended to Pyper. He left terrible welts on her legs and I marched her inside and told Shannon that we were going to get rid of him. In my mind, I was envisioning making a delicious Coq Au Vin...

We didn't eat Stewpot, however tempting it was. Instead, I listed him on Craigslist on Monday morning and by noon had a new home for him in Bluefield. Easy peasy. You may be wondering why we didn't eat Stewpot, as we did name him such in case of said event...but it's just because he was a great rooster. Really. He protected his flock but I also had to protect mine. When we mentioned Stewpot to Pyper, this was her general feeling. She said he was bad and she would readily show you her "chicken boo-boos." She's so funny.

We loaded Stewpot up and headed to Bluefield. You would think that having a rooster in a cat crate would damper his crowing, but in fact, I felt like he crowed even more just to let us know he was still kicking. Stinker.

We loaded up the kids, and Roxy, a temporary German Shepherd foster dog we took in. My friend Frances called me on Friday morning to tell me about a nice shepherd pup that was at her clinic that had been abandoned by her owners. They couldn't afford to pay the $100 bill, and told Frances to find her a good home. So, Frances called me, and I got in touch with a Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue in Greeenville, Tn and Deb Lewellen agreed to take her. First, though, because Roxy wasn't housebroken, we decided since we were heading to Tazewell to visit Shannon's family, we'd bring Roxy along to run and play on the farm. She had a great time!
I'm so happy to note that Roxy has a family in New England that wants her. I love happy endings like this! Deb Lewellen at Imminent Danger GSD Rescue is amazing to work with, so if you ever want a shepherd, look into rescuing. We have an application on one of her rescues. A post later this week will fill you in on that! :)

Here is Stewpot with his proud new owner, Rex. He has a flock of hens that need protecting, and I could tell that he loved chickens. So, it worked out for everyone involved!

I must admit, though, that I do miss hearing Stewpot's crowing. Oh, well, so is the life of a farmer...ha!