Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Dinner and a Saddle

I wanted my Dixie Chicks to have a wonderful Christmas Dinner as well, so I gave them a pan of homemade stuffing, peas, egg shells, bread, and whatever scraps were left over from prepping dinner.  

CrockPot calls his women to eat!

They dig in.

 Dad and I caught Mable, my sweet RIR hen to fit her with a chicken saddle.

 CrockPot gets a bit...aggressive...when he whispers sweet nothings into her ear, and coincidentally, she gets plucked and hurt.

 This sore is under her left wing.  I put some medicine on it, and then dad and I fitted the saddle on her. I got my pattern from this wonderful tutorial.  I added the ric-rac wanting her to be stylish in the coop.  

I think she looks sporty in it.  A chicken saddle is to protect a hen's back from a rooster's spurs.  It seemed to work well for awhile.  More on Mable in a few....

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