Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ole' Trusty

I took Abby, our 3 year old Paint, out on her first trail ride Saturday.  Mark, the horse trainer wanted to go with me on our first ride, so we picked up a friend, Faith, and headed out to Cold Branch in Cripple Creek.  Abby hopped on the trailer, looking forward to her next adventure.  We noted that she was in heat, when Faith's gelding, Caller, came a callin'.  lol  Oh, well.  I wouldn't have ever known it was her time of the month, had she not peed every time she got close to her new boyfriend, Caller.  

 I hopped on her, and we rode off to the trail head.  She was curious, but very relaxed.  You can tell I was too, because I was able to take pictures of her maiden voyage.  

 There were 2 water crossings such as this.  She did great!  We're out in front in the above and lower picture.  

At this water crossing, the water hit her belly and she snorted a bit.  My feet got wet, but it felt great!  I'm so proud of this filly!

 She was shortly drinking and eating on the trail like any great trail horse!

 It was mostly a wooden path, with some mud, but nothing bothered Abby.  She remained calm, and seemed to really enjoy herself.  We opened a gate, rode through meadows, and crossed some treacherous water crossings.  She took it all in stride, though and didn't spook once.  

We took the lead the last leg of the journey.  She really liked being the boss.  Typical woman.  ha!  The scenery was gorgeous and I can't wait to take Ole' Trusty out on the trail again soon!

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